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Valkyrie Custom Wear

Thyri Wool Dress

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The Thyri Wool Dress is a simple historically patterned viking underdress is made from soft wool fabric to keep you nice and warm on chilly days and provide a beautiful base for your historical outfit.

The dress is based off of the designs found at Hedeby and is a perfect base for historical reenactment outfits. The cut of the neckline sits very close together allowing you to add a pin or broach at the neckline holding it together if you would like, and the wide flare in the skirt at the hips from the inset triangular panels highlights the female form in a beautiful way.

Each of my pieces is made to order and will require the following measurements to complete:
1) Bust
2) Waist
3) Arm length (shoulder to wrist)
4) Circumference around the widest part of your bicep
5) Dress length (shoulder to ankle)