The Founding

Hello there! My name is Megan Murray, and I founded Valkyrie Custom Wear as an Etsy shop back in late fall of 2016. At first, I only intended to work on small costuming projects during my spare time. As an experienced cosplayer of 3 years, I wanted to channel my creative passion into making fantasy and Viking-inspired costumes. However, over time, this little side business has grown and transformed into my greatest passion.

I take pride and joy in creating historical and fantastical garments that you won't find in standard fast fashion stores or normal mass market costuming retailers. Since the opening of my shop, I've been entrusted with all kinds of projects, from cosplays of beloved fantasy characters to ritual garb for Yule and even dressing brides for their special day (and once, an entire bridesmaid party!). It's incredibly humbling and thrilling to be part of these special moments in my customers' lives, and I'm grateful every day for taking the chance to pursue this passion.

My ultimate goal is to continue creating unique garments inspired by the wonderful worlds of fantasy and historical dress. I strive to make my customers feel beautiful and majestic in the pieces I create for them. Thank you for considering Valkyrie Custom Wear for your costuming needs!


All products sold in my shop are crafted in-house at my sewing studio. I have personally designed, patterned, cut, and sewn each and every item with meticulous care and pride. However, I am now considering expanding my business through, "VK by Valkyrie Custom Wear," which will begin to include larger-scale manufacturing to accommodate the growing demand for my modern pieces.

While I plan to bring in other skilled craftspeople to my team, my fantasy and medieval items will continue to be made-to-measure for each order, right here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I am committed to maintaining the same level of passion and joy that inspired me to launch Valkyrie Custom Wear. Moving forward, I will continue to design and produce samples and new designs by hand, ensuring that each piece is crafted with the same care and attention to detail that my customers have come to expect.

Material Sourcing and Sustainability

I prefer to use natural materials such as wool, wool blends, linen, and cotton in my designs. I get these materials from local fabric stores, like Lens Mill and Fabricland/Fabricville, and also from smaller local fabric suppliers who specialize in recycled or natural fiber materials. I prioritize sourcing deadstock and local fabrics to be more environmentally conscious with my material acquisition. I choose materials that limit harm to the environment, so my stock is shifting towards being made primarily with natural materials.

For future material sourcing, I am exploring silk, Tencel, and bamboo fabric options to offer more sustainable and natural fiber options. However, I face a challenge in finding sources for environmentally friendly fleece and faux fur. To address this, I am switching to EcoShag Faux Fur, which is produced with minimal waste and using recycled products when creating it.

I sometimes use animal pelts/furs in some of my designs, but I only purchase them from another small business owner in Northern Ontario. I buy them only when I need them to reduce unnecessary demand, and each of them is originally sourced through the North American Fur Auction from small-time trappers using the platform.

My priority is to create long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time. Such pieces can be used for years and ultimately reduce their environmental impact by staying out of landfills and reducing the need to purchase new pieces. I find joy and pride in creating historical and fantastical pieces that people love, feel amazing in, and can cherish for years to come.