The Founding

Valkyrie Custom Wear was originally founded by me (Megan Murray) as an Etsy shop in late fall of 2016 to do little costuming projects for others in my spare time. Having been a cosplayer for 3 years, Valkyrie Custom Wear provided an outlet for my creative passion for making fantasy and viking inspired costumes.

As time went on, this little side business grew, changed, and became my passion. I find so much joy and pride in creating historical and fantastical garments, that unique piece that you cant find at standard fast fashion stores, or normal mass market costuming retailers.

Since opening my shop I've been trusted with everything from cosplays of beloved fantasy characters, to ritual garb for Yule, and even dressing brides for their special day (and in one memorable instance, a bride and her whole bridesmaids party). It's humbling, exciting, and something that I'm thankful everyday that I took the chance on.

My goal is to continue to create unique garments inspired by the wonderful worlds of fantasy and historical dress. Something that when they wear it will make my customers feel beautiful and majestic.


Everything in my shop is produced out of my sewing studio, and I am currently looking into getting larger scale manufacturing for my modern "VK by Valkyrie Custom Wear" pieces.

For the past years I've designed, patterned, cut, and sewn every piece that has been sold and I take great pride and care in the process. I am looking forward to being able to expand my shop by bringing in the talents of other skilled craftspeople to make beautiful and quality items.

My fantasy and medieval items will continue to be made-to-measure for each order, out of my shop in Kitchener Ontario Canada.

Moving forward I will always be designing and producing samples and new designs by hand with the same passion and joy that brought Valkyrie Custom Wear to life in the first place.

Material Sourcing and Sustainability

Most of my designs use wool, or wool blend fabrics, linen, and cotton.

These materials are currently being purchased at local fabric stores, mostly places such as Lens Mill and Fabricland/Fabricville, whenever possible I will also support other smaller local fabric suppliers who specialize in recycled or natural fibre materials.

Sourcing deadstock and local fabrics is a way we also try to be more environmentally conscious with our material aquisition.

What I look for when it comes to materials is that it will limit the harm that sourcing it causes to the environment, that means throughout the shop my stock is shifting towards being made primarily with natural materials. 

Future material sourcing will be looking into silk, Tencel, and bamboo fabric options as well to provide more sustainable and natural fibre options.

A difficulty we're looking to overcome with material is in finding sources for fleece and faux fur that are more environmentally friendly. A source we are switching to now is EcoShag Faux Fur which is produced with minimal waste and using as many recycled products as possible when creating it.

Something else that comes along with a few of the designs I produce is the use of animal pelts/furs. All of the pelts used by my shop are purchased through another small business owner in Northern Ontario. They are only purchased by me once a project that requires them has been started in order to reduce unnecessary demand, and each of them are originally sourced through the NAFA (North American Fur Auction) from small-time trappers using the platform.

Most importantly though is creating a piece that will stand the test of time. Items that last allow them to be used for years and years and ultimately reduce their environmental impact by staying out of landfills and keeping their owner from needing to purchase new pieces to replace them.

Theres something so special about a piece that you can love and cherish for a lifetime. I find so much joy and pride in creating historical and fantastical pieces that people love, feel amazing in, and will have for years to come.