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Valkyrie Custom Wear

Elven Queen Bridal Gown

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I amar prestart aen..
This pattern came to my mind...

Han mathon ne nen...
I feel it in my fingers...

Han mathon ne chae...
I see it in my eyes...

A han noston ned gwilith...
I hear the whirling bobbin of the sewing machine

Creating things that were lost. Thus, this to wear to welcome the Fellowship.

It began with a velvet sheath, trained to flow in beauty

Three different fabrics to design this dress for the Elves. Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings.

Seven meters of crystal lace to create the silhouette, that shimmers with life and creates magic in a palace or great hall.

And not nine, but one, belt will be crafted and gifted to the dress, to tie the whole together.

But, alas all Elven cosplayers have before been deceived, for this is the dress to be worn by the Elven Queen.

In the land of Canada, a land of the unforgiving winters, the Valkyrie designer forged, in secret, an idea of perfection.

Into this dress, she poured her soul, her love, and her will to fashion a gown. One gown to impress them all.

This gorgeous gown is made of a beautiful beaded lace that will make you sparkle like the Lady of Light. That lace is layered overtop of two layers of ivory crushed velvet; one that will face out to back the lace to give more dimension to the dress, and one facing in that will feel divine against your skin.

This listing also includes the velvet backed linen and crystal trimmed waist belt to cinch in the gown and give you added detail.

When ordering this gown I will need the following measurements from you:
1) Bust
2) Waist
3) Hip
4) Length from base of neck to bust line
5) Length from base of neck to floor (or as long as you want the front of the gown
6) Length around bicep
7) Length of arm (shoulder to fingertips, the sleeve will fall past your fingers when fully extended)