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Valkyrie Custom Wear

Helga Apron Dress

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The Helga Apron Dress is an apron overdress is made from a single layer of wool material, to add some extra detail and warmth to your outfit.

The Side Lace Up Viking Apron Dress has straps that can either be made adjustable and pinned into place with your favourite broaches or sewn in place to your desired length. The automatic construction method will be sewn in place so if you would like them to be adjustable at the front please specify in your order.

The sides of the dress have lace up details, made just small enough so that the colour of your underdress will peak out on the sides through the lacings.

The dress can be made in any colour of wool you would like, I have a few colours of wool readily available and listed in the colour options which I have located but I can source a different colour if you would like. If you want a different colour than the ones given in the options please select custom and write your desired colour in the order along with your measurements.

Also detail trim can be added on the top edge of the dress like pictured here, the available trim options currently are shown in the images and can be selected in the options. The top of the dress can also be left bare of trim to keep the dress more simple, if you would like that just choose "None" for the trim option.

If you would like this dress here are the measurements I'm going to need for your order:
1) Bust
2) Waist
3) Hip
4) Length from bust to hem (as long as you'd like the dress)
5) Strap length (how long from your back shoulder blade to where you would like the top edge of the dress to sit