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Valkyrie Custom Wear

Sylvie Jacket - Custom Sizing

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The Sylvie Jacket is a modern fantasy outerwear piece made from sweatshirt fleece, with a leather buckle closure and dramatically large hood. Sylvie will let you cloak yourself in drama and mystery to embody whatever fantastical persona you wish while moving through daily life. Whether thats a fantasy ranger, god of mischief, or a force wielder, this unique jacket will be a perfect topping layer to complete your outfit.

When creating your Sylvie Jacket it will be made to your measurements and colour preferences, you can also choose whether or not you want embroidery on your jacket and if you'd like that embroidery to be either the nature/vine design like in the product photos, or if you would prefer a celtic braid inspired pattern.

The measurements needed for the jacket are:
1) Shoulder Span
2) Chest
3) Bicep
4) Shoulder to Knee
5) Shoulder to Wrist